Blockchain for Nonprofits

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Multiplying Nonprofit's Impact

NGO Xchange is a blockchain platform that solves the major compliance issues of fund tractability, security, and fraud, while offering cost savings on the transactions.


Utilizing smart contracts, NGO Xchange creates transparent records and real-time funds tractability of donations, expenses, and contracts with suppliers, eliminating the possibility of fraud and simplifying donor/foundation compliance regulations.


The NGO Xchange uses a distributed ledger providing instant and unobstructed transfer of funds between HQ and field offices to pay program expenses. This avoids local government corruption, risk to employees carrying large amounts of cash, and easy repatriation of funds.


Using the NGO Coin, financial fees when transferring funds between HQ and field offices and vendors are reduced from current high levels to .15%.

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Cameron Nelson

- 18 years experience in technology consulting and nonprofit management
- Founder of multiple companies, including Trackpacker
- MBA, MA: Middle East Studies

Shishir Singh

- 15 years IT experience
- Previously co-founded CoworkingNext and Sopan Technologies

Advisory Board Member,
Matias Averbuj

- COO at Search for Common Ground
- 10+ years of experience in nonprofit management and leadership

Advisory Board Member,
Armando Bello

- Business Development professional
- Experience with nonprofit industry

Advisory Board Member,
Katherine Grass

- Global executive with 20 years experience in the IT and tourism sectors
- Anti-fraud, Corporate strategy, M&A, and VC experience

Advisory Board Member,
Kelly Green

- Technical Writer at Medium / Blockchain Journalist
- Brand manager and content creator

Advisory Board Member,
Dennis Landi

- 25 years of experience in entrepreneurship and technology
- CTO and senior software architect
- IoT and mobile app design

Advisory Board Member,
Laura Manchester

- Blockchain legal expert
- Founding member of CryptoVA